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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 11

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Only 4 teams left! Only three will get to race the final leg of the race for one million dollars!

The teams are still in Prague. Team San Diego started in the lead. Meghan has been crying a little bit less in recent episodes so the team is picking up steam.

The first road block is based on Prague Author Franz Kafka. Kafka apparently rejected technology so the teams had to enter a room of old timey time telephones. They had to find the ringing telephones, answer them and listen for a creepy Prague voice to say a letter.

I get so nervous whenever Meghan takes a challenge, because she could easily lose it at any moment. Like just her walking into the room full of telephones I totally expected her to start crying and eventually go insane. Team San Diego has so much going for them but I swear they put me on edge. So Meghan starts answering phones and when she hears the letters she thinks of an animal that starts with the letter. It's a good idea to visualize, but seriously it's only 5 letters it shouldn't be that hard to memorize.

R is for Rabbit. Z is for Zebra. N is... oh no! An animal doesn't exist that starts with the letter N! Meghan is going to flip out and start crying, I'm tensing up. Whew. Somehow she holds herself together and remembers the 5 letters without the animal trick.

Next she enters an office with a guy and his butler. They make her fill out a form. It asks for her name, shoe size, partner's name, middle initial, etc. All of this is done to try and make you forget the 5 letters. At the bottom of the form you have to unscramble the 5 letters. The letters are R-Z-N-F-A. Try it at home?

I wish the Amazing Race would let viewers play along. Let us yell at the TV or try and unscramble with the teams. Instead they give us the answer right away so it's hard to tell if the answer would be hard. The answer is somebody's first name that's last name starts and ends with Kafka.

About this time Gay Brothers show up while Team San Diego is looking for a cab. The Gay Brothers get all pissy when San Diego wants to take their cab. "Don't you take our cab!!!" Anybody remember last week when Gay Brothers stole a cab from Team Interracial. Hypocrites. I hate them.

Meanwhile bigger Gay Brother can't unscramble the letters and he is soon joined by Big Easy from Team Globetrotters. They agree to work as a team. After a few hours, Gay Brother gets it right but won't tell Big Easy the answer! Gay Brother is a prick. I hate their team.

Back at the start Team Interracial Married Couple has to do an extra challenge, because they were saved from elimination last week. It's the best extra challenge ever. They go to a bar where hot Prague chicks dance around in skimpy clothes while they drink a shot of absinthe. Brian doesn't drink so he's instantly lit and looking at the girlies, I don't blame him, though he is too respectful for my taste. I'm really starting to pull for their team because I like him so much.

Brian soon catches up with Big Easy who is still in the Kafka room trying to unscramble. Big Easy says he's been working on the answer for 2.5 hours.

Someone check my math. So you have 5 letters how many different permutations can you have? Five Factorial So 5! = 5x4x3x2x1 = 120. So there are only 120 different sets. I forget all my statistics.

So Brian gets the answer and he's gone. Big Easy decides to give up and take a 4 hour penalty. How can he give up? 4 hours is way too much time to take in a penalty. If it was an hour or two, then maybe you do it but not 4 hours He could try all 120 in less than 4 hours. Also if you truly trusted Gay Brother, which I'm not sure you do, then there would only be 24 different permutations if you knew the first letter was "F". Poor Team Globetrotters, we enjoyed watching you guys, but you're done!

All the teams go to a place that treats athletic injuries by putting them in severe cold like -133c. It's cold, they have to stay in a room like that in their underwears for 2 minutes. It's non eventful.

Next up for the three remaining teams they choose between slapping mud all over this beastly straw man and take it to some Rabbis at a Jewish center or serve 30 drinks to a bunch of rowdy Hooligans.

The Hooligan challenge sounds easier at first, but both Team San Diego and Team Gay Brothers slap mud all over this straw man. Cheyne has Meghan start at the bottom. Nice. She tells Cheyne to lay him down. Nice. Once covered in mud the thing ways a ton and they have to wheel it around the city. Cheyne is dying, crying out in pain, it weighs so much!

Gay Brothers fight and get all bitchy with each other yet again. It's not even fun to watch these two race. Ugh.

Cheyne and Meghan catch a cab from the hottest female cab driver we have ever seen. Seriously are all the women in Prague models? When Team San Diego get to the Pit stop and finish in first place Phil is waiting for them with yet another hot Prague woman. That's it, I"m going! Who's with me? Me be you wingman? Bullsh*t you can be mine!

Gay Brothers finish second, lame.

Team Interracial runs into more problems with Hooligans trying to steal beer as they carry it down the street to a bar. Beauty Queen drops all her beer and wants to quit. Brian keeps his cool and tells her to push on. He's her rock. They bring up the rear in third place, but they are going to the finals! Yay!

Next week is the season finale. Oh dang.