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TWSS- This Week's Scrabble Strategy

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The suits over at Uncommon Headquarters tweeted me earlier asking whether Scrabble is a sport as I'm well-reknowned as quite an enthusiast of the game. I think that's definitely debatable but it did give me an idea for a possibly-recurring Uncommon feature called "TWSS- This Week's Scrabble Suggestion". The most beautiful girl on the face of the earth (from here on referred to as 'TMBGOTFOTE') asked "What kind of suggestions? Just tips, strategies and stuff?" and that made me realize that "This Week's Scrabble Strategy" sounds way better. Now that we've got credit where credit is due out of the way, let's get on to this week's tip.

Never waste an 'S'.

This may be the most obvious Scrabble strategy but you'd be surprised how many novices throw their esses around haphazardly without using them to maximum effect so I should get this out of the way first.

Very simply, it's best to use your esses to pluralize a pre-existing word while making a new word, thus getting credit for both words. It's that easy. It's a close relative to using two-letter words for making multiple words in one turn which will be dissected in full detail next week ...or will it?