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Nunchuk skills are rad to look at, disrespected

Watch even a little bit of this video:

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There's something crazy rad about that. The stoic expression. The twirling numbchucks ready to clock you upside the head if you get too close to this mysterious woman.

And yet nobody on the site I found it at seems to care for it at all.

Al Capone says:

Fuck that, shoot her with a 9mm and she'll go down like anyone else. These weapons are for show, not for real life fighting fools

Good point, I guess.

Yawn lives up to his name:

she's using the hollow aluminum chucks. they are used for show tournaments because they are lighter and faster. they are also easier to learn how to use. if someone hit you in the face with one, you might blink.

I respect Yawn's blasé attitude, because he refers to them as "chucks". Only the geeks refer to them by their proper name, le numbchucks.

KTrain says:

This bitch don't have shit on Bruce Lee

Hey. KTrain. I bet you a billion dollars that if you stuck some chucks in Bruce Lee's hands right now and faced him off against this chick, he would be dead in the ground by the time she was through with him. I know this for a fact because Bruce Lee is dead, so you owe me a billion dollars, bitch.

Anyways... I was impressed.