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Uncommon Thing of the Year

Last year, I went all out to determine the most popular FanShots and Open Threads of that year. I invented algorithms and a word by which to refer to them. I even used that new-fangled democracy. We didn't have a lot of OTs because we were the tiny readership, in fact it was one year ago today I wrote this: 

We might have a tiny readership and only eight open threads all year, but we are like Jamestown; In our first year we've withstood attacks from the natives, disease, and starvation. Next year, we look forward to even more starvation. It's hard work starting a colony.

Hard work, indeed, young Axion. And here we are, but one revolution of the Earth later, slaughtering our livestock that will not survive the harsh winter and consuming their flesh in celebration just as we did last year. May it please the gods this time and bring less starvation next year.

Through the sheer will of two democratic clicks, last year's winner of Open Thread was the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in China and the best FanShot was this guy. We still never found out who that guy was.

This year, I got smart about the whole process and just looked at when the most eyeballs were here. That brings us to May. I checked the archives, and that brings us back to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I remember that most because that was the time someone said I insulted a 14 year old girl on the Internet and then proceeded to insult me on the Internet. I thanked him profusely but he never came back. There is always hope for next year!

The other really popular thing that happened was that group sex exposé with the rugby dudes and the gang rape. I wasn't able to follow through on that the way I wanted because I don't get Australian television, but we learned that gang rape was basically like steroids in baseball; a lot of people did it, and a lot of people just stood in the corner and watched.

My favorite post of the year was the Over the Line tournament because the the alcoholic consumption per hour and breasts viewed per minute that day were simply staggering compared to any other post in the SBNation universe.

You can share your favorite moments of this year in Uncommon Sports in the comments. You knew you could do that, right... comment?