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Amazing Race Finale

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The teams are off to Vegas!  Like all previous seasons, any lead that a team might have had is flushed down the toilet as they all get on the same flight back to the States.  In the airport Gay Brothers apologize for stealing Interracial couples cab, except not, "... you should really blame your cab driver!"  Seriously F these guys.

Once in Vegas the teams have to rush to a wedding chapel where an Elvis impersonator serenades an awkwardly dancing couple.  All the teams arrive at the same time and awkwardly sing along.  They all receive the clue at the same time too.

The teams travel to the Mirage, go to the roof and repel face first down the side of the building.  Beauty queen gets there first and since her loving husband Brian is deathly afraid of heights she takes the challenge.  She actually does a good job and while not moving the fastest, she does get the job done and takes a lead into the next challenge.

Cheyne is scared of heights so he keeps his eyes closed the whole time.  I'm kinda scared of heights too, but this wouldn't bother me much.  I'd be much more scared of a free fall than a slow repel.

One of the Gay Brothers repels without much of a problem.  Too bad.

Interracial Couple goes to the MGM where they enter The Beatles Love show.  The are hooked into some elastic bands hanging form the ceiling.  Brian grabs Beauty Queen's legs and try to sling shot her to a hanging bouquet of flowers.  The lead they have is quickly gone, when Cheyne and Meghan show up.

Beauty Queen goes from confident to severely frustrated within a matter of minutes as she can't reach the flowers.  She starts freaking out maybe worse than anybody else on the race.  She demands that Brian take her place.  If she stopped to think for a moment she'd realize that she wasn't heavy enough to launch Brian.  Brian has to switch with her, because she won't listen and is screaming like a crazy person.  I feel for her, I know it must be extremely frustrating to be in a race and you just can't make a challenge happen no matter how many times you try.

Meanwhile Meghan and Cheyne grab the flowers after about the 5th launch.  The Gay Brothers grab it not loo long after that.  Not surprisingly Beauty Queen can't launch Brian high enough so they have to switch again.  She is at DEFCON 5!  It's really hard to watch her this frustrated.  I was squirming in my seat.  Eventually she gets the flowers but they are really far behind.

The clue tells them to go to the casino named after a city in Monaco.  The answer was "The Monte Carlo".  The problem was that Team San Diego didn't know and everybody they asked had a different answer.  They drove to the Venetian on a guess, while Gay Brothers had the right answer and headed in a different direction.

Gay Brothers entered the casino and had to count out one million dollars in casino chips.  They had a good lead, but Team Interracial couple showed up and were surprised to see that Team San Diego hadn't arrived yet. When Team San Diego did arrive they quickly made up the time counting much faster than the other teams.  I'm really surprised that Meghan didn't freak out, she was awesome on this leg of the race.  She had ice water in her veins.

Team San Diego went from worst to first and had to go visit "Mr. Las Vegas" who is Wayne Newton.  He told them that the finish line for the Amazing Race was at his house.  Team San Diego took a cab and arrived first, with the Gay Brothers finishing second and Team Interracial finishing in third.

I was happy for Team San Diego, I think I was hoping that Brian would win, but really I was just ecstatic that Team Gay Brothers lost.

I was disappointed that they didn't have a long puzzle to solve about all the places they had traveled on the trip.  That's always fun to watch and the counting of chips just wasn't as good.   Good season, but the finale was a bit weak in terms of challenges.

Anybody else notice that the first couple to get eliminated didn't show up at the end?  Sucks to be them, were they not even considered racers?