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The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest is on

The Quicksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau

Because The Eddie requires waves at least 20 feet in size during the annual one-month holding period, The Eddie had only run seven times in its 24-year history.

Surf: 25-30 ft. - 5-6 times overhead
Conditions: good


Kelly Slater is in the lead with the best individual wave score of 98.

I watched for about an hour this morning and about an hour this afternoon.  There's a long time between sets so there aren't too many rides.  I guess your lucky to get a couple waves in your heat.

[Note by jbox, 12/08/09 9:59 PM PST ]



Greg Long from San Clemente wins! Greg had a perfect score on one of his waves.

"It really is about the wave and celebrating the ocean. It's what we do: go out there and ride big waves. The respect and camaraderie in the lineup you don't find in too many places in the world, and this event really encapsulates everything that's great about surfing: the friendships you make in the water and looking out for one another."