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Mythic vs. Giantbomb: Speed Coke

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Englishman Paul Barnett of Mythic Entertainment doesn't think Americans can drink a chilled can of Coca-Cola in less than 25 seconds. Bollocks to that.

So the best time stands at 8.6 seconds. Go Americans!

Not to be outdone, the dudes at Giantbomb, in the presence of the Lucha Deer, undertake the challenge. Jeff Gerstmann sets the stage:

After putting me on to the challenge this morning via Twitter, Ryan and I stopped off to get some Cokes on our way into the office. The following video was shot at 10:45 this morning.

In his quest for ultimate glory, Jeff drinks a second can, despite the grimacing faces of his competitors, which told the whole story; that no good would come of it.

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