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It's the old "store-bought fish at the angling contest" maneuver

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When Monica Slimmen pulled out what turned out to be her winning pike, she exclaimed, "Wow, I just got a small one." That is what she said. The northern pike weighed just 1.72 pounds, good enough for second prize at the time. The winner was Lee Shehow, who was awarded... a brand new truck!

But not so fast, Bob Barker. Shehow, who confessed to cheating under threat of polygraph and private investigation, was incriminated by the visible excitement made apparent by his wet coat and shirt. Apparently the cheater was buying water to enhance the performance of the of the 2.4 pound pike stashed in his coat. That, and the fact that he said what he'd do with his grand prize truck, "drive it like I stole it." It would have been better if he'd said he was going to drive it like he bought it at the fish market.

I like how these people just can't help themselves. "It's a fishy story!" Oh, ha ha. I bet when this came over the wire they all "squeeeed" with delight.

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