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Stimulus Package includes 36 hole Frisbee Golf Course for Austin, TX

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Wall Street Journal

Austin, Texas, could use $886,000 to build a 36-hole "disc golf" course, for frisbee tossing. It would be "environmentally and financially sustainable." John Hrncir, government-relations officer, says the project list "was put together on very short notice," and "we are not going to submit anything that is questionable when we seek actual funding."

Not to get too political here, but these stimulus packages for the U.S. economy are so ridiculous with all of their earmarked spending.  Don't get me wrong, I even like Frisbee Golf, but what the hell is America doing?

On one hand it pisses me off that billions and possibly trillions of dollars are just being thrown around to undeserving companies and projects.  However, at least if they build a Frisbee Golf Course the American people will actually know where the money is being spent and see physical proof, instead of just seeing the money absorbed into failing companies. 

Austin Hippies rejoice!