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Buzzkill: Preakness bans outside alcohol


Baltimore Sun reports that the Preakness Stakes is banning fans from bringing in outside alcohol. Race goers will be given the option of paying $3.50 for a 16 oz. brew, which isn't a bad deal, I think.

What do we care, you ask? Well it means the end of the Preakness Urinal Run! How can you pelt a man who is trying to cross a line of urinals with cans of beer when you only have this stupid plastic cup for tree-fiddy!? FanIQ grabbed this video to show us all what we'll be missing from now on.

Offered as compensation is a concert by ZZ Top, Buckcherry, some no-name band, and a women's volleyball tournament. Gee, those intoxicating substances will go great with my bloodstream.

[ via faniq & baltimoresun ]