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Marijuana can be performance-enhancing

Scandal rocks the Japanese sumo circuit as four wrestlers in the past six months have been sent to Bantown for smoking marijuana.

The ajc says it was okay before because three of the wrestlers were Russian, and we can't expect moral purity from the Reds, but this time, it was a Japanese wrestler.

"We are appalled by his utter folly," The Asahi, a major newspaper, said in an outraged editorial. "Some young people casually try pot. It is vital that we educate them on the risks of this drug from a fairly early age."

That's right, drug education for every toddler!

More than the usual fear mongering about drugs, this calls into question the sport's purity. Sumo is (literally) serious business in Japan, and when you dishonor something sacred in Japan, you fall on a sword (not literally).

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