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56 year old is the first Woman to swim across the Atlantic

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Fox Sports reports that the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean has completed her trip from the Cape Verde Islands on Africa's west coast to Trinidad.  The woman is 56 year old Jennifer Figge.

The swim is truly amazing.  She was accompanied by a crew on a sailboat that followed her and cared for her.  She battled 30 foot waves, saw all sorts of wild life except sharks and lived to complete her journey.

Her longest swim was 8 hours and her shortest was 21 minutes.  She'd rest aboard the boat between swims. 

They haven't announced how far she swam but it must have been less than the man who did it because it took him 73 days to swim 4000 miles.  She completed her journey in less than a month.  She started on Jan. 12.

To even attempt a feat like this, I would think that you must have a little bit of a death wish or at least be at peace with yourself that you are willing to die.  Uncommon Sportsman salutes your epic journey!