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Uncommon Sport: Ojitos

Growing up I had a neighbor that had an illegal Mexican immigrant living with him named Gilbert.  He taught us a game named "Jojitos".  I'm not sure how you spell the game to be honest. 

Here's what I remember.  Each player dug a small divot in the ground, so that you had a row of divots.  Then you would take turns rolling a tennis ball trying to land it in an opposing players hole.  As soon as the roller released the ball all the players including the roller would start running towards a base ( a tree) behind them because the person who's hole it landed in would have to go get the ball and try to "peg" the opposition.  You were hoping to get a head start and that the ball wouldn't end up in your divot.

You had to run, touch the tree and then back past the divots.  If everybody made it back safely the guy with the tennis ball would get an "egg" (small pebble) in his hole.  If you got three you were out.  If you got pegged then you would have to get the tennis ball and try and re-peg the guy who got you before he touched the tree and returned.

It was crazy fun, because most times the ball would be thrown so hard that it'd sale really far away would nail one of your friends really hard in the kidney.  It kind of reminded me of playing "pickle" because you'd fake throws and fake running and such.

I'm not even sure if this was a real game in Mexico, but I can tell you this for sure and for certain... it was an Uncommon Sport.