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Uncommon Sunday

Hark! On this beautiful day of the sun, el día del sol, we gather to recognize the news of the little sports that could... and the big sports that nobody else cares about.

In Canada, violence comes in bags. Best quote: "I'm really apprehensive about going out in the evening," Hamilton says. "We've turned into an American city." Snap!

Speaking of violent American cities, Chicago's police union is protesting the 2016 Winter Olympic bid over a pay dispute.

China beats Sweden in women's curling for the world title. Wang Bingyu scores a perfect takeout to secure victory, but she was hungry again a half hour later.

Hey, anybody got any cash? This naked pole vaulter needs a sponsor.

Did you guys feel that? "The whole globe shook," when Kim  Yu-na won the World Figure Skating Championship on Saturday.

And finally, a study was released that said that triathlons can pose deadly heart risks. Best advice? Make sure the medical staff has defibrilators on hand, you never know when you'll want a hot panini.