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Amazing Race Season 14 Episode 7

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Amazing Race Season 14 Episode 7

All the teams left the pit stop and were like "Phucket, let's go to Thailand!"  Well there is really one reason to travel all the way to Thailand and that is to find a giant Gorilla Statue.  The teams showed locals a picture of the Gorilla and most of them knew that the statue was located at the Phucken Zoo... Phucket Zoo.

Everyone was headed to the zoo except Gay Father Son Team, Mel and Mike.  I'll tell you what, they may not be the best team, but they have the best spirit behind the race.  They make sure that while they are racing that they are still able to stop and smell the flowers.  Well they got a nice tour of Thailand because their cab driver drove them way the hell out of the way to some beach town in search of the gorilla statue.

The rest of the teams, raced around the zoo following the Stuntmen Midgets.  They found the gorilla, then got their picture taken with a tiger and then laid on the ground as elephants walked over them.  The last stage of the elephant picture was a little creepy weird.  The elephant kinda squats on you in a real awkward way where he looks like he's mounting you in some sorta sexual way.  Thailand is kinky.

Eventually Mike and Mel were able to get a local to tell them where to go and followed kinda far behind the rest of the teams at the zoo.  They were loving everything about the zoo, especially Mel who had a big grin on his face as an elephant squatted on him.

Next stop an herb shop.  Not that type of herb.  There were one hundred drawers and a clue for each team somewhere inside the drawers.  The teams had to take turns guessing which drawer had a clue.  Really this wouldn't be a hard task, you could just have the guy open the drawers one at a time and no team would be that far behind the other. 

The real challenge was the shop owner.  Dude was SLOOOOOW.  You'd point to a drawer and he'd be like "this one? yes? yes?"  "IT DOESN'T MATTER YOU CRAZY OLD MAN, OPEN ANY F'N DRAWER THIS IS A RACE!"  You know who f'n lost it in the store?  The hot red headed NFL cheerleader.  You know what they say about red heads and their fiery disposition.  Chick can be totally psycho.  She was flippin out on that old man.  Patience is not her strong suit.  I'd like to think I could be patient but I'd probably be in the same boat, frustrated as hell with this shop owner.  In any case she was just about to kill him, it was great.

Later when Mike and Mel arrived they just had a ball with the shop owner.  They just started at the top and had him open each drawer one after another.  After each time he opened an empty drawer they'd laugh with the owner and move onto the next one.  I don't think it was their plan, but just being so friendly and nice about it being a game, the shop owner worked a bit quicker.

Next up was a detour, where you either had to carry your partner on a rickshaw or move around 100 buckets on a boat.  The Basketball Sisters and the Gay Father Son were like "Phucket, let's do the buckets".  Everybody else chose to run the two miles with the rickshaw.

Team Stuntment are great runners and 4'11" so they won easily, but the problem was that they cheated twice.  They messed up the tire pumps for the rickshaws to slow other teams down and they followed a cab to their destination, two things that are against the rules of the Amazing Race.  Each infraction was met with a thirty minute penalty, so they had to sit for an hour and ended coming in third place.

The only other crazy moment was Deaf Kid's mom who fainted from the heat at the pit stop.  She was dehydrated and after running she just dropped.  Deaf Kid was really worried and it was kind of a sweet moment.  She turned out to be okay though.

Mel and Mike were eliminated.

On the experience, Mel said, “I had aches and pains and groans and groins, but I was pretty good and I loved it when my son thought so too.” Mike added, “We’ve been father and son my whole life, but I don’t think we’ve ever really been teammates and being a teammate brings a whole different kind of camaraderie than you get in normal life. That was a great gift that the race gave us.”

Order of Finish:

1. Tammy & Victor
2. Jaime & Cara
3. Mark & Michael
4. Margie & Luke
5. Kisha & Jen
6. Mel & Mike