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Let's put this Eating Challenge to a vote

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Okay so I think to really blog about Uncommon Sports like we should sometimes try and participate. Here's the eating challenges that I could find after my quick search in San Diego.

  • Big Ass Burger Challenge at Big Bertha's in PB. I've never heard of this place but I think this sounds doable. You have 30 minutes to eat a 1 pound burger with fries and a 32 oz. beer. If you are able to do it you get it for free and a picture on the wall of fame.
  • Broken Yolk Cafe Special is free if you eat a 12 egg omelet with a generous pile of home fries and two biscuits in one hour. Again you get a picture on their wall of fame. This sounds harder than the burger, mostly because of the home fries and biscuits. I've always been intimidated by biscuits.
  • The Porterhouse for two at the Cowboy Star Restaurant is a 40 oz. steak. There are no other details. I have no idea where this restaurant is in San Diego.
  • The 30 inch pizza challenge at Luigi's sound fun because it's a for a two person team. You and your eating partner have 1 hour to eat a 30 inch pizza. That doesn't sound that hard to me, but I guess it depends on how thick the crust is and how heavy the toppings are.

What will it be?