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In THIS economy...

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... everything is possible. Milk comes in bags, cats and dogs share residence, and people can get fired for no reason other than it's this economy. That's why the U.S. Olympic Committee announced via conference call that it's axing 15% of its workforce. It's the third time in six years they've had to make cuts, but still, in this economy, you can never be too careful. The USOC needs to build sponsorship since they've lost a few since 2008, but in this economy, wingless pigs are useless, fish smoke cigarettes, and bloggers are rich men.

Unaffected by the cuts is Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Board members were briefed on the status of the bid. Chicago's organizers will make a presentation at Sportaccord, a meeting of international sports organizations set for this month in Denver, and an International Olympic Committee evaluation team will visit in April.

"Those are two big dates," Scherr said. "I think they're really well-positioned and they'll wow the commission."

I hope it's not with a W on either cheek.

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