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Survivor 18: Takinbeans - Week 4

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Last time on UNCOMMON SURVIVOR (keep doing the voice)

Timbira has lost two straight immunity challenges and voted out war hero and sickly tribemate Jerry. Before being sent home, Jerry unwittingly trolled Coach in professional fashion when he named Brendan as the tribe's leader. Timbira started out with all the food and water, but Jalapao has taken control of the game. With a potential secret cross-tribal alliance forming between twin exiles Taj and Brendan, the game stands to take dramatic turns, or blow up in their faces, with even better dramatic turns.

If you didn't watch last night, prepare to be spoiled like grandma's favorite special grandson at the ice cream parlor after a big day at the zoo.

Immediately following the vote, Coach takes the time to call Erinn a cancer. He must be in to astrology. Timbira wakes up the next morning to have a "pow-wow" and Brendan tries to pawn off leader duty. Coach recognizes the leader is fall guy, right after the outcasts and rejects, so he insists on keeping his role, back seat driving.

That morning at Jalapao,Taj takes Stephen aside to tell him about the secret cross-tribal Exile alliance. They plan on sending both him and Sierra to Exile after the next challenge.

Reward challenge! Endurance competition, add ten pound bags to bars across selected competitor's shoulders. Tribes choose which person on the other team gets the weight. Each bad is added two at a time. Brendan quickly is piled up with 200 pounds, Jeff announces the record is 220 (Rupert, Pearl Islands), and right when the next weight goes on, Brendan drops. J.T. holds up when he gets to 220 pounds, but folds moments later. Joe drops out behind J.T, leaving Taj and Debbie at 80 pounds, then 100. Right before 120 goes on, Debbie drops out. Taj chooses Sierra for Exile, and Sierra didn't get the fax from Brendan apparently, so she chooses Taj to go with her. The plan is still alive, sort of.

Jalapao's fourth straight win lets them choose two people who get to raid Timbira's camp and take whatever they want. The two raiders decide to show them mercy by taking only one bag of beans and canteen of water, but with the idea that being merciful now will put them in a better position after the Merge. I ripped that last line right out of an erotic novel. Back at camp Jalapao, crazy bus driver Sandy is disappointed the enemy camp wasn't completely looted. Jalapao hasn't been able to vote her out since they keep winning, and now she's using her driving skills on everyone's sanity. Sandy notices Sydney's flirtatious behavior around camp and threatens to take off her panties to get attention. Please god no.

At Exile, Taj catches Sierra up on the secret cross-tribal alliance. She's all in, everything appears to be coming together.

Back at Timbira, Tyson fashions himself a loin cloth for no other reason than he wants people to see his bare ass. Everyone except Erinn is amused as Tyson dances around chanting, "dangle, dangle, dangle." Erinn doesn't connect with anyone because she just went through a breakup. Tyson wants to see her get voted out to watch the chaos.

Immunity challenge! Run to get some planks that are tied up and make a rotating puzzle that spells out a phrase. What does this have to do with Brazil? It's pretty much even halfway through the running part, Jalapao picks up a slight advantage, but Sydney struggles untying her plank and it evens out again as J.T. catches up to Tyson. Timbira eventually figures out that their phrase is, "Escape the vote, Timbira wins immunity." Jalapao finally gets to vote out crazy bus driver Sandy.

After getting back to camp, in Sandy's presence, Taj brings up the idea that Sydney is a weaker competitor than Sandy. The rest of the tribe mulls it over, which is polite, but c'mon people -- Sandy is crazy, this should not be a discussion.

At the vote, Jeff marvels that Sandy is still here on Day 12. Jeff calls her old and ugly, citing how attractive everyone else is compared to her. Sandy brings up Sydney's flirtatious behavior, like wearing J.T.'s boxers. Sydney scrambles to defend herself, and Sydney's behavior and attractiveness become the subject of discussion. Taj states that she is okay with the fact that Sydney is more attractive than her and Jeff gives Sydney a golden opportunity to talk about how hard it is being pretty.

The first three votes go to Sandy, Sydney, and Joe, but the remainder are for Sandy. The femme fatale trumps Mrs. Crabtree any day.


The drama club convenes next week when the secret cross-tribal alliance is already in danger.