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Survivor 18: Tucansam - Week 10

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It's me the jbox filling in for Axion.  Hopefully I can live up to his fine example.  Let's get started!

Previously on Survivor, everyone followed Coach's plan and killed the dragon which was Brendan.  Sierra, Brendan's only partner was left knowing that she would be next.


In the darkness after the vote Sierra pleads her case to the rest of the tribe.  She explains why she turned against her tribe by voting for Coach.  Coach tells her some B.S. about how in Love and War you have to kill or be killed.  Maybe this is why we can't find any of Coach's previous lovers.

Coach mediates and does martial arts type stuff in the water explaining how awesome it was for him to beat someone younger, faster and strong-- then coach remembers the one time he told Brendan that he bench presses 300 pounds and how Brendan was like "Really?"  So Coach is pretty sure Brendan isn't stronger than him.  The rest of us are pretty sure Coach can't bench press 300 pounds and is full of it.

Tyson says: "Sierra is of no worth, her parents probably love her but I can't imagine her boyfriend is that cool".  Sierra tells him that she wasn't the mastermind.  Tyson tells her he doesn't think she would be smart enough to be the mastermind.  Tyson is a jerk.  He tells her 100% she is the next person to go and there is nothing she can do to change it.

The reward challenge is shown to us in CGI.  Well done Survivor producers.  They must carry puzzle pieces with holes in them and line them up so they can see vowels through all the holes.  I bet Tyson has looked through holes at bowels. zing! Not sure that joke even made sense. 

The teams carry the heavy pieces and struggle lining them up.  Tyson, Debbie, Erin and JT's team wins the reward as they see the vowels and unscramble some letters saying that they win a feast.

Probst asks Coach how with all his life experience he can't seem to win reward.  Coach says he never had to move puzzle pieces when he was in the Amazon.  Love how Probst picks on Coach.

JT sends his buddy Steven to Exile Island because they think there might be another immunity idol and he trusts Steven to find it if there is one.  Steven returns to Exile Island and finds that there is no new immunity idol.  He does get to spend two more days without food and warmth which is a prize in itself.

The winning team's reward is a feast and a display of a martial arts type dance.  When Coach learned that he might get to watch a martial arts display he messed his pants as you could see clear signs of  orgasm on his face.  Coach didn't win though so you know he had to have some alone time back at camp thinking about it.

Debbie acts a little creepy towards the children of the native Brazilians who are hosting the reward feast.  The Survivors stuff their stomachs and then are forced to do the martial arts dance, which consists of doing cart wheels.  Of course this leads to them feeling really sick.  Erin throws up on her feet.  She compares it to stuffing your face with pizza at Chuck E. Cheese and then jumping into the ball pit and wondering why you feel sick.

Sierra talks to Coach again about giving her another chance to prove herself.  He tells her that the Samurai would fall on his own sword if he disgraced himself and that he wouldn't beg.  Sierra tells Coach that he taught her not to give up and she some how strikes a chord in coach.  The music swells and shows us that she has made Coach question his own coaching lessons.  "It breaks my heart, that this kid is asking for my help."She played this perfectly. The climax is when Sierra asks Coach "Would you give up?"

The Immunity Challenge is in the pouring rain.  It's a game of shuffle board.  Before the game starts the Survivors are given an option.  Pizza!  If they feel they are safe and don't need immunity then they can eat pizza while the challenge goes on.  Coach, JT and Steven decide to eat pizza instead of competing.

The rest of the tribe plays and with two shots left Sierra lands her shuffle board piece closest to the mark.  She celebrates!  Some how against all odds she is going to win immunity!  Then Debbie knocks her piece away and wins it for herself.  Darn, that was exciting though.

Back at camp, Steven wonders aloud to his trusted people.  Maybe, just maybe this is their opportunity to vote off Tyson.  Everybody says how much they hate the lying Sierra, but they agree that Tyson may get on a roll and win if they don't take the opportunity now.

Coach reaffirms with JT that the Warrior Team is going all the way.  I'm paraphrasing, "It would be stupid if we formed a Warrior alliance, gave it a name, called ourselves warriors and didn't make it happen."  I love that the fact that he named this group is a reason to stick with it.

Now it's time for the vote.  Brendan, the first member of the jury, is present with a big smile on his face.  He is loving this.

Tyson openly admits that he hates Sierra and that he is voting her off.  Coach is really confident, smug and has a smirk on his face.  Probst asks Coach why he would want to bring the strongest people with him to the finals.  Coach explains that it is the way of the warrior.  Probst asks the perfect question "Then why did you vote off Brendan?" who is obviously one of the strongest.  Coach is speechless for a moment but explains that Brendan went up against him instead of being a warrior so he had to slay the dragon.  "I out smarted him, I out foxed him and I'm sorry to say I'm out leading him". They show Brendan cracking up.

Everyone votes and Coach talks about voting off the Dragon's Bride (Sierra).  Probst reads the votes.  Tyson and Coach are so smug.  Votes start coming in.  The second vote for Tyson suddenly knocks the smile off his face.  The third vote for Tyson knocks the smile off Coach's face.  Everyone but Coach votes off Tyson!  Sierra is safe!  Brendan is loving every minute of this. jbox's eyes start watering with joy!

Tyson says he is pissed that Sierra, "an idiot", lasted longer than him.

Next week, Coach, Debbie and Erin try to form an alliance but they must beg Sierra for help.  How ironic! 

Survivor is awesome.