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Amazing Race Season 14 Finale

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Three teams left.  Team Asian Lawyers, Deaf Kid and his mom and Angry Cheerleaders.  Who will be the next Surv-- winner of the Amazing Race?!

Next stop in the race?  Maui!  Time for everybody to relax in the tropical breezes and soak in the sun. right?  No, time to stress out.

The teams fly back to the United States and are in for a rude awakening.  They tell their cab driver to drive as fast as he can to the next challenge.  The American Cab Driver is like "I can't do that, it's illegal!"  See in these poorer countries the teams would wave around a few American bills and the locals would do their bidding, those days are over.

The teams all arrive at the beach at pretty much the same time.  The challenge get into your swim suits.  The cab driver that is driving the Angry Cheerleaders gets a nice peek of the girls changing in the back of his van.  Finally we get to see the hotter of the two cheerleaders in her bikini.  Not bad.

The challenge:  Salt and Oil a pig, then carry it on a pole to across the beach.  The pig weighs 145 lbs. 



Cheerleaders and Lawyers get the early lead but cannot carry the weight.  Both teams continually drop the pig into the ocean.  You could hear the dead pig gulping down seawater, "glug, glug, glug" making it even heavier.



Deaf Kid and his mom are the only ones who actually put the bamboo pole across their shoulders, which is a much easier way to carry the weight than with your hands and fore arms.  This is the part where I'm wondering if the other teams just aren't that smart.  They are having trouble and they see another team cruising by with relative ease, but don't copy their method.  What gives?





Deaf Kid and his mom bury the pig and get the next clue getting a nice big lead on the other teams.



The teams then need to take a jet ski ride where they have to search 100 buoys.  Deaf Kid is riding behind his mom.  "Gooooo!  MOOOOM! Let's GOOOO!"  The mom has to turn around and sign to him "you've got to stop yelling at me!"  That kid is driving us all crazy yelling the same thing over and over.  I repeat that mom is a saint.



After the challenge the teams again hit the road. The teams drive along the Hana Highway which is notorious for it's two lane road of vacationers out for a leisurely drive.  Asian Lawyers get caught behind one such car full of tourists and they are just taking their sweet ass time.

The Angry Cheerleader meanwhile is ripping her taxi cab driver because he doesn't know where he's going.  When he calls dispatch the lady on the phone tells them that she's not their concierge and can't spend all day looking up directions for them.

Deaf Kid is the first to the Road Block where he must search through hundreds of old surfboards with graphics on them.  He must check the graphics to see if they relate to portions of their trip and then put them in order.  He's got a good memory and is on top of it, but he can't get the last two.

That's when team Asian Lawyer makes their move.  Both the dudes take of their shorts and that means they are getting down to business.  Asian Lawyer slowly and steadily passes the other teams and completes the challenge while the other two get really frustrated.

They decide that they can't let team Asian Lawyer get far ahead of both of them, so they team up to figure out where they went wrong.  Good strategy, but it's too late.  Team Asian Laywer wins the Amazing Race.

Asian Lawyers cry and the girl proclaims that she has no pants on.