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Uncommon Sunday 5/3

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China is cleaning up at the World Table Tennis Championships. These slideshows are excellent.

Reasons to start fishing again pile up as researchers at Purdue University have tortured enough goldfish to determine that fish do, in fact, feel pain.

Thousands braved the drizzle to engage in various boating-related activities for Opening Day in Portage Bay.

A group of amateur runners will run 1,000 km along the former Berlin Wall. It's actually quite nice now.

A bunch of celebrities are doing the Gumball 3000. Our twitter friend Tony Hawk is in it. What's it all about? A 3000 mile car race from L.A. to Miami. I went over to their site to see what else is going on, but then I read this:

“Gumball has a unique quality that transcends social barriers, bringing people together from all industries and walks of life, to create an aspirational lifestyle brand”

Never mind, move along. I'll call you if something noteworthy happens.

Cricket is happening. Australia beat Pakistan and Bangalore crushed Mumbai

On the home front, I practiced some competitive eating and then I took a nap. Playing sports can make you tired.

[updated] There was a nasty crash in the Tour of the Gila. Levi Leipheimer tweeted these pictures.

Amazing Race is tonight!