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Jeff Probst breaks down new Survivors

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Marisa is hot. via <a href=""></a>
Marisa is hot. via

Jeff Probst breaks down new Survivors (Video)

This group reminds Probst of Fans vs. favorites, there's a sense of fun.

  • Erik - Probst wouldn't mind seeing him win. He's a scrapper and he will double cross
  • Ashley - Looks bubbly but there is something to her. She's got spunk, wouldn't surprise Probst if she went far.
  • Dave - Has the highest IQ (140) of any Survivor ever. He has something to prove. He could easily self destruct.
  • Russell S. - Is likeable, great talker. He can't win the game, isn't built for it.
  • Russell H. - "Is the closest thing to evil that we've ever had on Survivor"
  • Brett - Is a dark horse. He doesn't reveal a lot.
  • Kelly - You look at her and you know she's trouble.
  • Shannon - She reinvented herself as "Shambo". Mullett wearing, Harley riding American.
  • Yasmin - She could be first off. Athletic but he can't see her going to the bathroom in the jungle.
  • Elizabeth - Not what she appears to be. "Don't trust Liz". She could be in the final.
  • Ben - He's a time bomb. He's complicated.
  • Laura - Probst thinks she can win the game. Huge threat.
  • Mike - He won't last long. He'll be gone episode 5 or 6.
  • Betsy - Probst liked her from the moment he saw her. She's a cop, she's likeable and will never quit.
  • Marisa - On paper she's tailor made for Survivor. She might get eaten up because she'll mix with the wrong people. She'll be out by episode 5.
  • Natalie - She'll surprise people, she'll be a scrapper. She'll play the social part really well.
  • Mick - Will manipulate people and won't care about other people.
  • John - He's a poser. He's so good looking. He comes from privilege.
  • Monica - From San Diego. She's trouble. She's probably really good at playing guys.
  • Jaison - Probst really likes him. He'll go deep in the game, because he'll fool people to let him stay in the game.