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Do we need a third gender class?

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Now that it has been revealed that South African sprinter Caster Semenya is not playing for either team in the gender wars, this raises an interesting question. I know, seriousness; boooring. The IAAF recommends that Caster have surgery to "correct" this condition, what I like to call a God Mistake, and I can only imagine they're going to ban it from competing against women. I don't think it's going to be able to compete against the full-time men, either. So what about creating a hermaphrodite athlete class? Granted, there's a smaller sample to pull from (one hopes), but I think you could still get a high level of competition, allowing everyone to participate without athletes having to conform to something they're not or hide their condition. Where do you stand? Yea or Nay? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

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