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Amazing Race Season 15 Teams announced

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With this new Survivor season starting this week, I thought that a new season of Amazing Race must be around the corner.  Sure enough they released information on the teams 5 days ago.  Let's dig in!



First thing I notice.  The pretty team is from San Diego again!  Is this a coincidence? No.  It's true only pretty people live in San Diego.



  • Meghan and Cheyne will hereby be known as Team San Diego, but I may need to come up with something different since they both spell their names really stupid.  They met in elementary school, that's all you need to know.
  • Maria and Tiffany are both professional poker players.  Maria graduated from UCSD, but still their name is Team Poker.
  • Marcy and Ron are old people that think they are young and hip.  Thus they will be named Team Old to remind them of how old they are.  They are dating... dating old people.  They met online, how hip.  They like to think of themselves as being active for crusty old people.
  • Lance and Keri, they are engaged.  He sounds like a dick.  He's a lawyer and black belt in karate, like I said he sounds like a dick.  They also describe him as being über-aggressive which translates to... dick.  Prepare for him to be yelling at Keri a ton.  Team Dick for now.
  • Herbert and Nathaniel are Harlem Globetrotters.  The Earth will play the part of the Washington Generals.  Team Globetrotters.
  • Gary and Matt are a father-son team. They have nothing in common.  Boring team so far, no team nickname.
  • Garrett and Jessica are dating on and off.  They met while studying abroad in Spain.  Besides that they seem boring, no nickname.
  • Brian and Ericka are an interracial married couple.  Oh so that's why they call it the Amazing Race.  She was Miss America 2004.  Team Interracial.
  • Eric and Lisa are Yoga Instructors.  Ugh.
  • Sam and Dan are brothers and they are both gay.  Team Gay Brothers
  • Zev and Justin are friends.  Zev has Asperger's Syndrome, which makes him socially awkward.  Team Asperger Syndrome in the house.
  • Mika and Canaan are newly dating.  The girl looks hot, but I can't tell which one of these names is a girl name.  They are country singers.  Team Country.