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Ultimate Frisbee seeing resurgence in U.K. thanks to Uncommon Sportsman

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I've been walking around with a spring in my step today after reading this article in The Independent. Apparently there's an Ultimate Frisbee renaissance happening in the U.K. and we are taking credit for it. How? Well, I'm glad you asked. First of all, it's called just, "Ultimate" now, on account of the Wham-O's holding of the trademarked name, "Frisbee," so eliminate that from your lexicon. We're not trying to get sued.

Just how far has this spread? The article cites that at least 10,000 men and women play Ultimate, yet on an ad-hoc basis. I imagine they are like street gangs, street gangs that sing and dance choreographed numbers whilst snapping their fingers and names like the Fighter Planes and the Predatory Fish.

Out of the chaos, order was formed, and a new world order (of Britain) arose in the form of the first European Ultimate Club Finals happening next weekend in London. All attending Uncommon Sportspersons in attendance are required to report back, and don't forget the pictures.

So why are we taking credit? I thought you'd never ask.

The biggest increase in new players is from schools in counties that include Wiltshire, Norfolk and Warwickshire, which have put Ultimate on the curriculum.

Si Hill, the head of UKU, said: "Schools like it because it is different." Rebecca Forth, who plays for the UK number two women's team Iceni, said: "It's the most spectacular sport to watch and really interesting to play."

See? Everyone knows Uncommon sports are the best to see live