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Do you want to watch IPL 3?

Are you drawn in by the mystery, the pomp and circumstance, the romance, the exoticism, and the unscripted drama of India Premier League T20 cricket? Are you worried it's not going to be broadcast to your area? Well friends, if you have a little channel that goes by the name of YouTube, you're in luck. Google and IPL have partnered to bring all 60 games to your tubes. Better than that? It's all free. Beat that, Lingerie Football. 

But don't jump out of your chair just yet; while the matches will be live and streaming to most of the world, the U.S. is going to have wait for what the press release calls, "rebroadcast options." There's also a five minute delay between the live matches and what you'll see, so any streakers or Kissing Bandits out there, don't even bother, you won't make it on the air.

Starting March 12, it's gonna get all kinds of Twenty20 up in here. 

IPL 2010 LIVE on YouTube