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Lingerie Bowl 2010 Playoff Odds

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The Lingerie Bowl 2010 is approaching! The ladies of the LFL have weathered their first season and are in the playoffs. This gambling site has the some odds for the betting gentlemen out there. The Lingerie Bowl will air during half-time of the Super Bowl and is available through pay-per-view. Admit it, you know you'd pay just to not have to watch the Half Time Show.


  • Dallas Desire: +200
  • Philadelphia Passion: +600
  • Chicago Bliss: +200
  • Seattle Mist: +300
  • Los Angeles Temptation: +350
  • Tampa Breeze: +800
  • San Diego Seduction: +1000
  • New York Majesty: +1000
  • Miami Caliente: +500


More like San Diego Suction and New York Travesty, am I right?