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Uncommon Snips: Olympic Hate Edition

"grrr, fffuu, hrrm" via <a href=""></a>
"grrr, fffuu, hrrm" via

The Olympics are almost, almost here and people are getting all mad. Look at this negativity!

So what if people can take it too seriously, they can do that with anything. You're not supposed to hate the players or the games! Every once in awhile, we'll call it two years, it's refreshing and uplifting to look at your nation's flag, forget all the politics, and think about the person standing there, whether they're representing your country or another's, living their moment of the culmination of four years of training and hard work. The only thing that matters to them is being the best and winning. 

There is one common evil, however, that I see in both of these articles, and that evil is soccer. Thankfully, that Devil's game isn't even in the Winter Olympics, so let's all play fair and be good sports and everyone will have a great time.

And don't think I didn't see you taking a shot at us, Jason Zengerle of New York Magazine. You know what else never changed the world? Being a hater.