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Open Thread: St. Valentine's Day - Winter Olympics

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Yep, Olympics are still on. I've seen some Nordic combined and I'm watching some biathlon right now. Nordic combined is ski jumping + cross-country skiing and biathlon is cross-country skiing + shooting a rifle, to give you a refresher. Norway is really good at these events for some reason. 

For us west coasters, the U.S. is leading the medal count with one gold, one silver, and two bronze. Apolo Ohno won silver after the Koreans took themselves out of second and third place in the final quarter lap of the 1,500m speed-skate "short track" and Hannah Kearney pulled in the gold for Women's mogul. J.R. Celski, the American speed skater who nearly killed himself with his skate by missing his femoral artery by an inch, finished behind Ohno for a bronze, a nice comeback story. 

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