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Amazing Race: Season 16 Episode 1

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CBS Recap

Sorry this blog entry is up late, but I could not get myself motivated to write this one, because I was really unimpressed by the first episode of Amazing Race Season 16.

I don't think I like any of these teams, right now... maybe Team Cowboys.




Well let's start by meeting the teams:

  1. Team Miss Teen Iraq Such As: Brent and Caite are models.  I really hate it when CBS chooses reality show contestants that are already known by the public.  Caite was the Miss Teen USA contestant who embarrassed herself by giving the worst answer in pageant history.  I'm not sure if Brent realizes the race has started yet.
  2. Team Lesbians: Carol and Brandy are dating lesbians, I think that's all we've learned about them so far.
  3. Team High School Sweethearts: Dana and Adrian met in High School and they've been married for a long time.  Adrian seems to screw up a lot, he says he started a business and lost all their money, she still loves him though.  They are the first to be booted from the race, so let's not spend too much time talking about them.
  4. Team Cowboys: Jet and Cord are cowboys. They are the most stereotypical cowboys you'll ever watch on TV.  I think that's why I kind of like them.  I'll root for them for now.
  5. Team Triathlon Grandma: Jody and Shannon are Grandmother and Granddaughter. They both compete in Triathlons.  Shannon might be hot, I'll be watching her... for science.
  6. Team Bossy Asian Couple: Joe and Heidi are a married couple.  Joe seems really bossy and Heidi seems to be in his shadow, we'll see if that changes throughout the season.
  7. Team Gay Brothers: Dan and Jordan are brothers.  Okay only one of them is gay, but we'll be watching them closely. Gay brother is already acting really bitchy which isn't helping the movement.
  8. Team Big Brother: Jordan and Jeff are another reality show spin off couple.  Ugh. Here's another reason why I don't like the first episode.  This is a dumb couple and yet, they come in first?  They didn't even seem to be trying and they are really dumb.  They would have been first off on any other season.
  9. Team Undercover Detectives: Louie and Michael are undercover detectives on TV. LOL.
  10. Team Lawyer Moms: Monique and Shawne... I'm not sure these two were even in the first episode.
  11. Team Phillies Coach: Steve and Allison are a father and daughter couple.  He used to be a coach for the Phillies.  

Okay, I'm going to leave it at that for this first episode.  None of these teams have shown any signs of being good at this game, nor have I shown any signs of being good at blogging so we're even.

A few funny moments:

  • Team Phillies Coach walks into a random house and starts painting it.  The guys inside are like "WTF?"
  • The teams were on their way to Chile so Team Cowboys change all their money to Brazilian currency.
  • I forget which Blonde it was but she kept saying "I can't believe we're going to China!" They were going to Chile.