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Uncommon Snips - W.O.E. Edition

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sende inn klovner via

The levee has broken, people; it's officially the Worst Olympics Ever. The coverage is bad, the tape-delay is not going over well, children are crying, everyone hates NBC; even polar bears are taking heat. There's more rain than snow, tickets are getting cancelled, and you can't even support the troops or honor your dead friends anymore. The Norwegians are showing up in clown pants using psychological clown warfare and the U.S. curling teams went 0 for 3 today. Also in curling, the Canadians are winning with a pregnant woman; I don't know what to make of that. Does the baby count as a team member? Are her altered hormones even legal? But seriously, what is with these crazy getups? I kind of feel like I've been watching an SNL skit that is a lot more miss than hit (is that redundant?). Do ice skating announcers grunt and gasp more than any other announcers?