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Uncommon Snips - Saturday Midday Edition

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Petra Majdic, Slovenia's bronze medallist, is helped to the podium Wednesday via <a href=""></a>
Petra Majdic, Slovenia's bronze medallist, is helped to the podium Wednesday via

First of all, welcome, battery chuckers from Niners Nation and thanks again to Ninjames for the attention. I awoke to glorious news today, friends. The men of U.S. curling rode the momentum of yesterday's win for another last end victory today over Sweden. The women go at 2:00 PM PST against Great Britain. Today's links; six broken ribs plus one punctured lung equal one bronze medal, Canada promised to own the podium, but the U.S. is doing a lot of squatting, Scotty Lago has fled Vancouver because of racy pics, a video on how to sweep ice, and catching up with Michael Phelps.


  • Storybook finish hurts
    Majdic, 30, won the fifth Olympic Winter Games medal in Slovenia's history on Wednesday -- a bronze -- in the women's sprint final. She would have been one of the favourites in today's pursuit race, but six broken ribs and a punctured lung will force her to remain under care in a Vancouver hospital.
  • America's Surprise Vancouver Olympics Rout -
    Canada's own the podium plan is falling short so far as the U.S. dominates, but 60% of medals remain to be awarded. It might not last, warns a rival coach.
  • Scotty Lago Racy Pics Controversy (See PICTURES) | Bitten and Bound
    Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago is packing up his bronze medal and leaving Vancouver after racy pictures surfaced online. See PHOTOS
  • Video | How to: Sweep ice | NBC Olympics
    Why do curlers slave away with a little broom in front of a sliding piece of granite? What are they yelling to each other? How much does it cost to become a sweeper? Those answers and more in this video.
  • Vancouver visit inspires Phelps ahead of London 2012 | Reuters
    A flying visit to the Winter Olympics has provided Michael Phelps with fresh inspiration to stay ahead of his younger rivals in the build-up to the 2012 Summer Games in London.