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Uncommon Snips - Early Sunday Edition

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The U.S. Women's Curling Team via <a href="" target="new"></a>
The U.S. Women's Curling Team via

Good morrow! The early curling session is already under way and the American ladies just got four points dropped on them by the lady Canadians in the third end, score is 4-1. I watched the entire Canada vs. Great Britain men's match yesterday, those are the two best teams out there, no question. The things those guys can do with the rocks are unbelievable. Then, last night, Apolo Ohno got his bronze medal, giving him his 7th medal, the most for a U.S. winter Olympian. You have to keep saying "the most for a U.S. Winter Athlete," because his seven medals don't even crack the top thirteen in the world. You need at least eight medals to do that.

The next men's curling session is at 2:00PM PST and the women go again at 7:00PM. The U.S. men face Great Britain and the ladies face Sweden, but don't get too settled in because Amazing Race is tonight. 

In this edition; Cracked looks at some Uncommon Sports, a DIYer made a halfpipe, an Ohno article, Canadians being rowdy, and the snowboarders can be rambunctious.

[Note by Axion, 02/21/10 10:50 AM PST ] The Canadians made Madeleine Dupont cry!