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Amazing Race Season 16 off to a slow start

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Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 2 Recap

The teams are still in Chile and Team Big Brother started in the lead. Their first clue was to ride a series of buses some 600 miles away.  As the teams met up in the bus station, the Lesbian Team decided to team up with Team Bossy Asian couple.

The first example of the new alliance took place when Bossy Asian bought the final 4 bus tickets in the front of the line for the Lesbians.  The rest of the teams, especially the Detectives, were pretty pissed off.

"You can’t be holding spots. You can’t do that. There’s a line here."

Team Big Brother, Team Iraq Such As and Team Cowboys all decided to buy tickets through a connecting city.  Team Cowboy found out that the other two teams needed to be at another terminal but kept the information to themselves.  As a result Big Brother and Iraq Such As took Taxis to another terminal and missed both buses.  Team Cowboy got on the 7pm bus while the other teams had to wait until the next day.

Maybe it was just me but two things bothered me about the first half of this episode.  There was way too much footage of the teams hanging out in bus stations and Team Big Brother chick is super annoying.  I can't believe half this episode was about buses.  It was a good 40 minutes before there was a challenge for them to compete in.

Team Cowboys got to the cars first and drove to the next stop.  It was a trail that lead to boats that would take them to an island for their next clue.  Once at the island they got right back on the boats and went back.  More filler from CBS.

Finally the teams have to choose between two tasks.  They can decorate a llama or they can put on this condor outfit and jump off a pier into the water and swim to a buoy.  These are the worst challenges.  Team Cowboys obviously were good with animals and had no trouble tying a scarf around a llamas neck. 

Team Big Brother put on wetsuits and a condor costume.  Big Brother team wonders if this flimsy condor outfit will really help them glide. These teams are stupid.

The next stop is a German farm where Team Cowboys milk a cow and collect ingredients for a couple of cooks.  Team Cowboys have no problems and finish 20 miles away in the town park.

Meanwhile the rest of the teams seem to be taking their sweet ass time.  Team Grandma Triathletes were in last and the Grandma got kicked in the head by one of the cows.  I felt really bad for her, but she took it like a champ and didn't complain.  It was hard to watch a Grandma get worked like that though.

In the end the Detectives got really lost but Team Grandma was just way too slow and ended up in last place and were eliminated.