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Uncommon Snips - Loudmouth Pants Edition

Norway's new royal garb via <a href=""></a>
Norway's new royal garb via

So NBC really messed up that hockey game, right? Since I'm writing this the day after and you're reading it the morning after that day, all the good jokes have been said about it. That also means if you're sick to death of curling, you've come to the wrong place. 

In this edition: The King of Norway has got a new pair of pants, Cheryl Bernard's comment on the fans that made Madeleine Dupont cry, curling is a big hit even though the Americans had a terrible showing, sucks, the hockey game was MSNBC's highest ratings ever, Germany's gold-winning cross country skier has a knitting website, Olympians are issued condoms, pole dancing as an Olympic sport, and did Apolo Anton Ohno have a mom?