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Uncommon Snips - Spirit Bear Edition

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"Don't worry, you can exterminate me soon enough!"
"Don't worry, you can exterminate me soon enough!"

I have to be honest, I'm a little miffed at the performance of the American curling teams so I haven't watched any curling lately, but I'm not staying away. The Olympic semi-finals are happening today, yesterday I heard from Bill Simmons that Cheryl Bernard is looking to get Chargers season tickets, and the 2010 USA Curling Club National Championships are still going on, so it's not leaving me alone, either. Incidentally, I watched this episode of the Flintstones when I was a young lad, and because of the way they whispered, "slalom," I thought it was a dirty word.

In this edition: Surfing? In Canada? It's more common than you think, you'll be free to murder the Spirit Bears that inspired an Olympic mascot soon, Lindsey Vonn broke her finger in her giant slalom run and has a rivalry with Julia Mancuso, the King of Norway got his pants, Kevin Martin looks like Wallace Shawn but is the Michael Jordan of curling, your preview for today's Olympic curling semi-finals, and an amusing story I'm not telling you about here.