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Survivor: Who's the Hottest?

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No no no, not what you're thinking.  This post isn't about trying to find out if Colby is hotter than Ethan.  We'll leave that for other blogs.  This is all about coming up with a top 10 list of Survivor women. I'm trying to stay away from the most obvious answers too (no Jenna or Heidi here).

This season's Heroes vs Villains has brought back a lot of talent and some seem more, ahem, enhanced, than in the past  (Danielle and Jerri, I'm leering looking at you).  For my list of top 10, you'll have to read past the jump.  Feel free to bicker, debate or simply admire all of the hot reality @$$.

#10 - Stephenie Lagrossa - Multiple Seasons

Big Fan. I might have ranked her higher but I had to deduct points for the abnormal spelling of her name and the "Jersey" potential she has when she starts putting on makeup and real clothes.  I think she's one of the rare women that look better natural, without makeup. Awesome body, great spirit, tough as nails.



#9 Jerri Manthey - Multiple

I'll probably take a lot of flak for this one, but I thought she was really hot and definitely my type from the first season I saw her.  Maybe not drop dead gorgeous or anything, but her feistiness really adds some points. This is the safest, best pic I could find, as Jerri had no problem showing off the goods in Playboy.  The cowboy hat adds points too. She loses points for today's model (i.e. flabby butt and love of Coach)



#8 Ami Cusack - Multiple 

She's going to represent the Cougar contingent.  Bonus points for being a lesbian, great strategist and posing in Playboy.



#7 - Erin Collins - Thailand

Two things stand out about her.



#6 Jennifer Lyon- Palau

I honestly don't remember much about her, but going through the cast list, she really struck me.  Has a great girl next door quality about her.  Sad news is that she passed away from breast cancer.  We'll honor her here.



#5  Danni Boatwright - Guatemala

She knows her sports. She's tall.  She's got a great body and bee stung lips.  She wore a cowboy hat too (do I have some sort of cowboy hat fetish that I didn't know about?)



#4 Kelly Czarnecki - Gabon

Blonde, young, boobs. What else do you want?



#3 Ashley Trainer - Samoa

Part of the Dumb @$$ Girl Alliance.  Definitely the more down home, cute one between her and Natalie (Nat looked awesome after dropping the weight, but Ashley was awesome even super dirty).  Tough call, but Ashley gets the vote. As a bonus, my chose pic shows both hotties.



#2 - Sydney Wheeler - Tocatins

Just absolutely smoking hot. Probst said she was like an angel on the set, mesmerizing every crew member.



#1 Ghandia Johnson - Thailand

All I can say is I love a woman that will let you dry hump her in your sleep.



All right...fight amongst yourselves!