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As a man in my mid-twenties, I often feel disconnected with today's youth. I don't watch shows like "America's Next Think You Can Bachelor," and I only watched MTV for a brief period in 6th grade, so I am often out of touch with current trends. I had no idea that kids today are looking to get their fix for the pure ecstasy of Olympic competition and spirit in pill form.

RCMP seized 12,000 colourful ecstasy pills — many branded with the Olympic logo — in the Halifax area on Monday. Three people were arrested.

"This typifies the marketing savvy used by organized crime groups to attract young customers by incorporating brightly coloured modern pop-culture symbols,"

Organized crime groups' marketing departments are renowned for thinking outside the box. Their focus groups yield the best results because they often give participants crack to help them focus. Before discovering that it was the pretty colors and name-brand logos that made ecstasy sell, it came in little brown coils that resembled turtle poops and never caught on.

Additionally, it's good to hear that the VANOC is vigilant in protecting the Canadian populace...

In December, police in B.C. discovered 107,000 ecstasy tablets at a home in Vancouver. Some were imprinted with the Olympic rings symbol.

Vancouver's Olympic organizing committee has vigorously pursued unlicensed use of the Olympic symbols in the past. A spokesman said the committee was aware of the seizure by Vancouver police and would continue to be vigilant in monitoring trademark infringements.

... from getting fake Olympics merchandise! Those bastards are infringing on officially licensed Olympics ecstasy! This cannot go on unpunished! Only officially sanctioned ecstasy is allowed.

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