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Uncommon Snips - Olympic Edition (again)

Aussie! Oi! via <a href=""></a>
Aussie! Oi! via

In this edition of Uncommon Snips: the Aussies get to keep their 'roo, the story of a bald man's hair/performance enhancing drugs, why Lindsey Vonn is the winter Michael Phelps, winter didn't show up at the Olympics, Ireland threatens to riot, Canada has never won a gold medal in a Games they've hosted, and a nice guide on what to look for when you watch curling. 

  • Blog - North of the Border | Kangaroo can stay, says IOC | NBC Olympics
    The billboard-sized boxing kangaroo can stay, says the IOC. You can just hear them now across town: "Aussie...! Oi! Aussie...! Oi!" And that's how you know this is going to be a fun Winter Games.As athletes, coaches, and fans make the drive in from Vancouver's airport, many will cross the Cambie Street bridge, which links a southern part of the host city with downtown. The Olympic athlete's village sits off to the right. You can't miss it. A two-story tall, green and gold flag ripples with the Australian Olympic team's most recognizable symbol -- a golden kangaroo with big red boxing gloves.
  • Lund embracing baldness, and it's paying off | NBC Olympics
    Getting kicked out of the Torino Olympics and labeled a drug cheat just hours before the 2006 opening ceremony remains a low point in American race Zach Lund's life, a chapter brought on by his usage of a hair-restoration drug and never checking if the product complied with anti-doping rules.

  • Exploring a shining star | NBC Olympics
    Lindsey Vonn has set herself apart as the best female Alpine skier in the world. Few understand what makes Vonn so good as two-time Olympian and NBC Alpine analyst Christin Cooper. In a thorough event-by-event analysis, Cooper breaks down what makes the young skier so good.
  • Winter missing in Vancouver as Games approach | NBC Olympics
    As Olympians arrive by the day, the Winter Games seem to be missing something. Namely, winter.

  • CTV Olympics - Australia, Ireland fight over women's bobsleigh spot
    The president of Ireland's Olympic Council says Ireland "would go into a riot" if its women's bobsled team is removed from competition at the 2010 Olympics by an Australian appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

  • The rush to win gold | NBC Olympics
    Canada has hosted the Olympics twice but failed both times to win a gold medal. Vowing to "own the podium" in Vancouver, the Canadians are facing considerable pressure to end the trend. Here's five events where they can get it done. 

  • What to Expect in Curling | NBC Olympics
    Curling, a sport often relegated to niche status, will receive its full weight of attention in Vancouver. With the exception of hockey, no pair of gold medals will mean more to the 2010 host. A pair of nations, one a bastion of curling heritage and the other a recent upstart, hopes to spoil a Canadian sweep next February