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Uncommon Snips - Too Kalamazoo Edition

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nom nom nom
nom nom nom

Man, the Olympics were fun, weren't they? But they're gone now, there goes our time in the spotlight. Did you know that they showed all those British Columbia tourism commercials to British Columbians, too? I never like the California tourism commercials. It's always the Governator and his celebrity friends, mocking the unemployed.

The Indian Premier League T20 cricket tournament starts in like a day, so get ready to start seeing that. Remember you can watch it on YouTube for free. I've chosen the rags-to-riches Deccan Chargers as my team, almost at random. 

On with news! In this edition: Tony Hawk says he thinks it's time for skateboarding to be granted Olympic status, the next episode of the Iditablog podcast is ready, and is worth an hour of your time to say the very least, tie-breakers are in order at the Curling Nationals in Kalamazoo, and TooJay's is hosting the Corned Beef Eating Championship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida next Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day.

Reminder: Survivor is tonight!