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Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas wins Binga's Tender Bender Challenge

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The woman is a machine; an eating machine. Last week it was catfish, this week it's chicken tenders. I'd run a train on some chicken tenders alright. I'd be the engineer and conductor of that train. The MLE website hasn't been updated with the results yet, they didn't post the prize money, so I'll have to add that once it's posted.

Results after the jump:

Contestant Damage Done (in lbs.) Prize Money
Sonya Thomas 6.93
"Notorious" B.O.B. Shoudt 6.59
Tim "Eater X" Janus 6.18
Nate Biller 4.055
Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos 3.25
Crazy Legs Conti 2.85
"Wild" Bill Myers 1.75





A local radio station in Portland, 107.5 Frank FM ran a promotion for the Binga's Tender Bender Challenge. Some amateurs tried their hand at eating at the major league level. Watch it here.