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If Cowboys get eliminated, Amazing Race may be eliminated from DVR.

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Season 16: Episode 07: Anonymous? (Seychelles)


Okay, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but we can officially say this is a bad season of Amazing Race.  Right?  I used to really look forward to Sunday nights, but not anymore.  Last night I saw my DVR start recording the Amazing Race and this sense of dread came over me.  "I have to watch an hour of this?"  I decided to do laundry so that the hour wasn't a total waste of time, which made the episode even worse because it was tough focusing my attention back on the show.

Am I alone here?  Is this good TV?  The worst part is that I can't really even explain why I don't like this season and I hesitate to blog about it because I feel like some of you are enjoying it and I'm just bumming you out and complaining too much.

I think I have to put the blame on CBS's casting director.  She did a terrible job this time around.  These are not interesting teams and they wouldn't have made it past the first elimination in any other season.  They still just don't seem to be trying.

When the Cowboys were forced to retrieve a bottle that they left aboard a ship last night's episode they showed some real determination.  No other team would have swam the mile to the boat and back.  They would have given up on the beach, but still the Cowboys have played really sloppy and never seem to have a real sense of hustle.

They should be way out in front, but last episode they got lost like 3 times and this episode they didn't even take a look around after they pulled away in their ox cart.  Then they don't even read their last clue or bring it with them? I expect this kind of sloppy play by the models but not from the Cowboys.

Honestly when it looked like Phil was going to eliminate the Cowboys, I was about to give up on this season and quit watching because after them there is really no one of interest left to root for.  Fortunately they were not eliminated but the scenes from next week show them lost again without a cab. They better get it together or they will be eliminated by some of the worst racers in Amazing Race history.