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I rode the WaveHouse Flowrider

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I went to the WaveHouse this weekend and rode the Flowrider for the first time.  I usually catch on pretty quickly to stuff like this, but I had a hell of time getting beyond the simplest tasks.  Even just standing up and balancing is hard for more than 30 seconds or so.  I could move back and forth but never quite felt in control and couldn't do the deep cuts that I expected would come naturally.

The guys that work there and have had a lot of practice were doing insane tricks.  Front flips, releasing the board in mid air and grabbing it again for a landing.  Their tricks probably had names, but I'm not good enough to even know them.

The first time I fell it hurt.  I hit in such a way that my whole body felt like a tuning fork.  The kind of fall where it radiates through you and you kind of feel nauseous for a few seconds afterward.  Fortunately that was my worst fall and the rest weren't so bad, except that in 2 hours I probably ate it 100 times.  The quantity of falls add up and it's not a soft landing by any means you really get put through the wash on the way out of the wave. 

I was exhausted at the end and still 2 days later, I'm probably the most sore I've ever been.  Everything is sore.  Yes... everything.  I did the stand up boards about 95% of the time but I tried the body boarding too.  The body boarding is not to friendly to your manhood.  Your hips hang off the back of the board and the water pressure coming at your boys at 30mph... well it's like a boxer is working a speed bag.

Would I do it again?  Yes, but I need to heal first.