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Subway Cheesesteak Eating World Championship

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Results are in from today's Cheesesteak World Championships at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. Joey Chestnut, the world's number one ranked competitive eater, cleaned up the competition. The champ crushed nineteen cheesesteaks in ten minutes.

I'm not a fan of Subway sandwiches and I think Subway cheesesteaks served within the state of Pennsylvania are at least a misdemeanor. Full results after the jump.


Eater Total eaten
Joey Chestnut 19
B.O.B. 16
Eater X 14.5
Juliet 12.5
Gordon 11.5
Micah 11
Philbin 10.5
Steakbellie 9
US Male 9
Shredder 8.5
Davekos 8.5
Legs 7
Keeler 7
Wild Bill 5.5
Beautiful Brian 5.5