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Amazing Race Finale: Team Bro wins most annoying

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"Hey Bro, let's get so close that nobody can stick a backpack between us."
"Hey Bro, let's get so close that nobody can stick a backpack between us."

I'm glad this season is finally over.  I'll never have to hear those two whiny Boston voices saying "Bro" again.

The episode starts with the three remaining teams traveling to the airport ready to make their return trip to the United States.  Their destination is San Francisco.

The Models arrive first.  The Cowboys show up next.  Then 6 hours later the Gay Brothers show up.  One member of Team Bro puts his back pack in front of the Cowboys.  Some how this means that he is now second in line.  The Cowboys ask "You aren't planning on cutting in line are you? We got here 6 hours before you."  Team Bro ignores them and says something about their bag holding their place in line.  Team Cowboy considers kicking Team Bro's teeth in.  They should have done it. 

On the airplane, Team Bro talks a stewardess into letting them slip into first class so that they be first off the plane.  This turns out to be the deciding factor in the race.

The teams travel to the Golden Gate bridge.  The Models yell at a cab driver.  The teams climb Coit Tower and propel down with a clue.  They go to Industrial Light and Magic and meet fat storm troopers.

Inside ILM one teammate must guide the other through a computer generated maze.  Team Bro annoys the sh_t out of the audience.  Team Cowboy f_cks with them a little bit, which is fun to watch.  We also learn that Team Bro loves Boston sports.  Why does this not surprise me at all?  Ugh.

The Cowboys get to a point where they must stop and watch Team Bro spin in circles.  Two things:

  1. Why didn't the Cowboy at least attempt to get around Team Bro?  How about pushing him forward a little bit or doing anything besides just smiling?
  2. When it's your turn to figure out the last clue, why do you not at least try spinning since that's what you just watched the other team do forever?

These really are the least intelligent teams ever on Amazing Race.

The teams then have to carry a box full of posters.  The posters are pictures of the other teams and they must put them in order of their elimination.  These final challenges used to be so much harder and more entertaining to watch when they had to remember minute details of the race.  I think I could have put those posters in order and I was barely paying attention to this suck a$$ season.

I'm pretty pissed that Team Bro won. They are the worst.

Team Lesbians were still pissed at Team Models and made a scene, but seriously nobody cares about them anyway.

I would have much rather seen Team Cowboys win, but what are you gonna do?