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Amazing Race: "Where's Garden Bridge?! I have to Pee!"

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"Hey Bro, I'm only doing this race for you Bro, I'd rather be on the show Big Bro-ther"
"Hey Bro, I'm only doing this race for you Bro, I'd rather be on the show Big Bro-ther"

This was easily my favorite episode of the Amazing Race this season.  Let's attack this in bullet points:

  • How many times did they say "Garden Bridge" at the beginning of this episode?  I'm gonna guess 50.  Seriously shut up about the Garden Bridge.
  • I hate Team Bros.  I love watching them panic when looking for Garden Bridges, but watching them lose their mother effin' minds in the backs of taxi cabs is like the best thing ever.  If that piece of plexi glass wasn't between them and their cab driver, they would have torn him apart with their teeth. Was that the biggest freak out in AR history?
  • Team Bro, says "Bro" more than a whole Fraternity Row.  I hate those guys.
  • Team Bro made a smart move, they realized that they were so dumb that they couldn't find a garden bridge by themselves.  They went back and teamed up with the detectives.  The detectives led them to two jackets hanging on a street sign.  So funny.
  • Counting Buddha statues seemed like it would be hard but if these teams can do it, then it can't be that hard.
  • I liked watching the guys riding behind the motorcycle driver, all of them were so scared to wrap their arms around the driver except gay Team Bro.  The other "straight" brother trying to pick up a Chinese girl wasn't fooling anybody.
  • At the beginning of this episode I started thinking that I wanted the Beauty Queen to win this whole race, because it would show all these other teams how dumb they are and how much they suck.  That changed.
  • I was so angry with Beauty Queen when she wouldn't let her boyfriend Brent urinate.  She just kept telling him to hold it, she had zero empathy.  You don't mess with somebody that needs to piss, that's cruel. Seriously, F her.  
  • I liked how Team Cowboys want to make belt buckles that say " Amazing Race Champions". 
  • You know how Phil stood waiting for teams with the tallest man in the world?  The tallest man in the world had to use crutches to stand.  How bad did you feel that he had to stand there all day probably in pain for these dumb ass teams?
  • I actually started liking the Detectives towards the end of the season, but I think I'll enjoy watching Team Bro kill a cab driver in the season finale.