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Major League Eating Signs Two Sponsors

Slow goings in the uncommon sports world, the World Cup and Wimbledon are clogging up the news waves. I can't watch either of those events because, no offense to anyone, they're so dull. This is from someone who watches fishing and baseball, but not at the same time because that would be within Taepodong-2 range of entertaining. And not just any baseball, either; Padres baseball. 

That being said, I'm here with the kind of hard-hitting news you expect from Uncommon, and you know I don't mean the kind you just have to get up and tell someone else. I mean the kind you're ashamed to know and even more ashamed to relay; the kind that, when mentioned, gets you uninvited to birthdays and Twilight viewing parties. Major League Eating announced yesterday that they've signed two sponsors for the big event on July 4th.

The MLE announced that Old Navy will be the official retailer of the July 4th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. They will be designing a uniform for the competitors and you will no doubt see more creepy mannequin commercials that make you thankful you're going to die one day. You'll also be able to purchase Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating shirt at 1,000 locations around the nation. 

The MLE also announced yesterday that Pepto-Bismol is the official stomach remedy of the July 4th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. They urge you to give up your privacy and become a fan of their Facebook page

Colleen Jay, Vice President, P&G Personal Healthcare had this to say:

"Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is the ultimate case in point of celebrating the summer with food, so we're excited to announce our sponsorship of the event. We wanted to show that whether you've gone a little overboard on your favorite food or eaten one too many hot dogs at your backyard BBQ this summer, Pepto-Bismol is there for you."

So if you want to vomit pink summer celebration, you know where to look.