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Hi, everybody

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Hi there. Can everybody hear me in the back? Yeah? Okay. Everybody have a good summer? Good. Maybe you noticed we kind of took the summer off. Maybe you didn't. If you did, good for you; feel free to purchase these foil stars and place a gold one at the top of your monitor, you earned it. If you didn't; welcome back anyway, jerk. Either way, we'll be back for this fall TV season starting Thursday morning with the return of Uncommon Survivor. They'll be in Nicaragua this season, so we're going to be pronouncing everything with what I imagine to be a Nicaraguan accent. Basically, we'll just roll our R's and call it Uncommón Survivór. I also say "we" because I'm putting jbox on the spot without consulting him first.

How was your summer?

Here's what I remember doing:


  • I went to the OMBAC Over The Line competition this year, but I didn't do very much observing of the games. I planned on posting the few pictures I took, but it never got done. And I lost my Pokéwalker out there somewhere, so that made me sad, too. 
  • I've been asked a few times why we don't cover Wipeout. I watched a few episodes over the summer, and I'm going to use the excuse that I can't listen to the commentators for an entire show; which is sad, too, because I used to like John Henson. 
  • Competitive Eating coverage has fallen through the cracks because they post almost everything to Facebook, which I don't like, and they don't email me very much (at all.) Do I have to make an Uncommon Facebook? Would you guys like that?
So, watch Survivor on its new night, Wednesday, and read Uncommon Survivor on Thursday morning. Amazing Race starts September 26 (jbox).

Survivor really could have used a watermelon-to-the-face viral video this week, right?



Jimmy Johnson looks all mad. There's one girl with a fake leg, wouldn't that be rude if that made her use it as her luxury item? The rest is a bunch of token characters making sure the race and age diversity requirements are filled. See you Thursday morning!