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VIDEO: Kayak racing a blue whale

The whale by itself is more than a lot impressive. Within seconds of this video, it breaks surface, says hello, and then cruises back down. Your heart skips just the slightest beat and then you think, "How much more of this video is there?

Then... THEN... Our GoPro Hero goes under water, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of the whale. Oh, nothing to see for half a second and then, "HOLY SH_T. WHALE EVERYWHERE." The thing is so huge, he can't turn his head without seeing Whale.

Later, of course, the whale easily outclasses our kayaker and his rented boat and it's not even a competition. Blue Whale wins easy.

Some day, I will strap on a GoPro helmet and I will go to the beach, and the video will primarily be of me tripping over my snorkeling gear and scraping my shins against sharp underwater rocks.

Blue Whale

Aquatics / Redondo Beach Baleen Whales

98 feet

Conservation Status: Endangered

Source: Wikipedia