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Boston Urban Iditarod 2011

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In our continuing sporadic trend of covering Iditarods of all types, I present to you the first annual Boston Urban Iditarod. Hat tip to user Ninjames for bringing this one to my attention. A quick refresher: an urban Iditarod differs from the regular flavor in that the ice and snow aren't requirements, so the sleds are replaced with shopping carts, and because it would be cruel to subject a team of poor canus lupus familiaris to that kind of task, the dogs are replaced with humans. Naturally alcohol, man's greatest achievement, is a key component of any urban Iditarod, providing the energy, courage, and incentive to participate for the mushers. 

Here's how this race went:

The race starts and finishes at the Asgard Irish Pub in Cambridge. Teams find their fastest route between the Asgard, each of the required check points bars and back to the Asgard. The average team will race around 5K (3.1 miles) for the day but the race route is up to you so your mileage may vary. When your team arrive at each check point you clock in for your mandatory 20 minute rest and get your doggies some much needed refreshments. While resting you can choose to participate in a challenge for bonuses and prizes. If you have friends who want to spectate have them meet you at the check points and have them bring food for the food drive. Plan your next race leg and once your 20 minute stay is up clock out and you’re off to the next check point!


Food gathering? You're right, I didn't mention that. Getting sloshed while racing shopping carts and playing games at each stop is fun and all, but it doesn't get any better than doing it all for charity. I have a particular affinity for food bank charities because, to me, it's not some donation to research or something abstract. You're donating happy taste buds and full stomachs, and for a blogger that watches people eat too much or too little for fame and glory, I'm more than happy to support food banks and their related events. Protip: If you've got other urban iditarod links or whatnot, send 'em my way.

Okay, on with the pictures! USED WITH PERMISSION! (Thanks again, Tim!)


Starting off. via



I'm assuming this is Kevin & Tim, the Iditamasters. via


Gotta beeb it up. via


Betty Rubble & Julianne Moore killing a Blue Man of Group fame. via


An unidentified team leapfrogs for great justice. via



The winners: The Bearded Clams hauled in 400 lbs. of food. Also, look at that burger. via

A full recap post is here

If you're interested in next year's race, it's already planned, and there are more pictures and even videos on their Facebook page. See or follow them through their Facebook page for more.